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Welding everyway, everywhere

Ville-Pekka Arasmo, founder


EveryWeld idea is to offer quality, high-class welding for industry sites worldwide.
Our strengths are based on adaptability on constantly changing environments, which allows a great variety of expertise on the following:

  • Stainless steel
  • SMO, Duplex and Superduplex
  • Heat-resisting steel
  • Boiler tube, Sanicro and Compound
  • Aluminium


The story of EveryWeld began when Ville-Pekka Arasmo, a young, eager-to-learn plater-welder, became enthusiastic about developing his skills during his time in vocational school and started to compete in the field of welding.

The young welder succeeded and became Taitaja2011 Finnish Champion, 2012 Nordic Champion and finally managed to reach TOP10 (9th place) in the WorldSkills 2013 World Championships.

The great people around broke the story of the young man to such an extent that Ville-Pekka dared to start dreaming of selling his own skill. The idea remained strong in his mind and in no time the company was established.

The name EveryWeld communicates the will to respond to every single industrial welding needs. The violet color world reflects wisdom and creativity. Doing your “best” is no longer enough; the vision is to grow the best welding team in Finland. Resources for this vision include valuable networks in working life and vocational schools, as well as key players in world championship level coaching.


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