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Employment as a welder is almost certain, but students are not interested in the field. How can the expanding supply be adjusted to meet the high demand?

By increasing awareness.

Many people have the wrong image of the field: It is characterized by the old-fashioned perception of a welder's job as a dirty and monotonous job, where you sweat in hot equipment without career development opportunities. However, modern welding is completely different.

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The birth of EveryWeld

The story of EveryWeld began with an inspiring lesson. Now Ville-Pekka Arasmo himself encourages students and those considering a change of field towards a new, interesting career

"A good welder always gets a job," said the man who came to introduce the field during Ville-Pekka Arasmo's middle school days. A small spark started to sprout, and Arasmo began his studies as a sheet metal welder at the Savo Vocational College.

Right from the beginning, high-quality teaching awakened Arasmo's dormant studies, and he soon became enthusiastic about professional competitions. The constant fire for development and the countless hours spent on training drove the young welder to, among other things, Taitaja 2011 Finnish champion, 2012 Nordic champion, and the top 10 in the WorldSkills 2013 world championships.

Encouraged by the success of the competition and the encouragement of the professionals around him, Arasmo dared to start dreaming of selling his own professional skills himself. The idea remained strong in the mind, and in 2016 EveryWeld Oy saw the light of day. The company's sparkling vision is to develop the Finnish welding industry without prejudice by selling its own expertise through training , welding work and stories :
"The legal requirements in the welding industry are the same everywhere. If you are interested in an international career, the welding industry is an excellent choice!"

Ville-Pekka Arasmo has a constant desire to develop the welding industry and bring its recognition to the fore. He has gone to speak to students and career changers about the welding industry, Taitaja activities and its benefits in the development of professional skills and employment.

Arasmo's career story is a concrete and easily approachable example of the enthusiasm for studying ignited by the welding industry, the competitive success achieved through hard training, and the commercialization of one's professional skills as an entrepreneur.

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