Terms of delivery

1. General conditions

Hitsooja.fi online store (hereinafter "Online store") is an online store operated by EveryWeld Oy, aimed at consumers and companies, where the products are sold either by EveryWeld Oy.
The following terms and conditions apply to the business relationship between EveryWeld Oy and its customers.

The online store reserves the right to change these terms and conditions by unilateral decision without prior notice. Orders are subject to the terms valid at the time of ordering, which on this page. Changes in the law enter into force immediately as such, unless otherwise stipulated in the law.

The online store is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure. A force majeure is considered to be an unforeseeable change in circumstances or a circumstance that is beyond the influence of the online store and which the online store cannot reasonably overcome. The customer service is obliged to inform the customer as soon as possible about the force majeure that has occurred.

2. The customer

The transport prices shown in the online store and the free return right only apply to mainland Finland.
The safe use of special and professional products require professional knowledge and training in their own field. EveryWeld Oy bears no responsibility for misuse of products or direct or indirect damages caused by insufficient training.

In the consumer trade, valid Finnish consumer protection legislation is followed. The terms and conditions of the online store are not valid to the extent that they limit the consumer's rights from what is stipulated in consumer legislation.

Delivery time estimates have been prepared based on information provided by manufacturers and transport companies. The online store or the suppliers it uses are not responsible for delays caused by unforeseeable changes from outside its sphere of influence.

3. Products, price list and payment methods

Online store prices include value added tax, which is determined according to the possible product group. However, the prices do not include transport or possible payment method costs. If there are clear price errors in the price list, the product will not be sold at a clearly lower price if it can be assumed that the customer has understood the existence of the error.
If the price of the product increases before the shipment is processed, the products ordered from the online store will be delivered at the price at the time of ordering. If changes are made to the order, the price of the product will be determined according to the price at the time of the change.

Possible discount codes are limited to one per customer unless otherwise stated. Discount codes cannot be used for sale products or combined with other discount codes unless otherwise stated.

Payment services:

Shopify Payments:
The payment service provider is Shopify Payments. See more information about the Shopify Payments payment method at www.shopify.com

The payment service provider is Paypal Inc. See more information about the PayPal payment method at www.paypal.com

The payment service provider is Danske Bank A/S, Finland branch (Y: 1078693-2). See more information about the MobilePay payment method at www.mobilepay.fi

Klarna Oy (Y: 2247127-6) acts as the provider of the payment brokerage service. See the exact conditions of the Klarna invoice and Klarna partial payment at www.klarna.fi

4. Delivery methods
According to the customer's choice, the delivery of the order is handled either by Posti Oy (Y: 0109357-9 ) or Matkahuolto Oy (Y: 0111393-9 ). The order processing time is on average 1-3 working days after sending the automatic order confirmation. The transport time is usually 1-2 business days. A ready order means an order in which all the products are in our warehouse and reserved for the order, and the payment method of the order has been approved.
The online store is not obliged to reserve other products of the same order for the customer if the availability of one product is poor, or its delivery is delayed for reasons beyond the online store's control. Alternatively, the customer can accept either delayed delivery of the product or cancellation of the order/product. Postal costs for post-delivery are charged normally. The products in the order are reserved for a maximum of 14 days, after which the order is canceled unless the customer has agreed to subsequent delivery in accordance with the terms of the online store.
The customer is obliged to inspect the shipment within 14 days and familiarize himself with the product's instructions for use and conditions before use.
The customer is responsible for the correctness of the contact information they provide in terms of delivery and invoicing. We charge a handling fee of €15 for uncollected packages. The fee covers part of the actual postage costs to and fro, as well as the costs of handling and packaging.
If there is a backlog at the selected parcel machine, the transport company may direct the package to an alternative pick-up point - unfortunately, as the sender, we cannot influence this.

Limitations in Posti's SmartPost service:

The maximum size of a SmartPost shipment is 60 x 36 x 60 cm. Normally, almost all orders can be packed below the maximum size. However, if the package sent to the parcel machine is too large due to the size of the order, the shipment will be delivered to the Post office closest to the machine. The customer can contact the customer service of the online store when ordering if they want to confirm the size of the shipment before delivery.

5. Right of return
The online store offers its customers a 30-day right of return (counting from receiving the order). The free return right only applies to mainland Finland orders and the benefit can only be used once per order. Products can be conveniently returned with Posti or Matkahuolto's customer return. The online store is responsible for the return costs, as long as the return is made in accordance with the instructions.
We recommend taking care of the product and product packaging until you have decided to keep the product. (Excluding letters). According to the law, the buyer is responsible for the reduction in value if he has put the product into use. Product packaging should be opened with general caution.
The product to be returned must be unused and resalable. The customer is responsible for any reduction in the product's value. If the product has been used, or the customer has otherwise made the product or the product's packaging unfit for resale, the customer is responsible for the product at its full value. The product must be returned in its original product packaging with all parts.
All returns must be agreed in advance by contacting customer service. The original delivery costs will be refunded according to our cheapest delivery option, i.e. we will refund the difference between our cheapest delivery option and the selected delivery method. If the customer returns part of the order, the shipping costs will not be refunded.
If the order has been delivered with a discount, promotional product or other benefit as a discount, this must also be returned together with the products. If part of the order is returned, we will apply the terms of that campaign
Failure to pick up an order is not a refund. We charge return postage for undelivered shipments.

Restrictions on the right of return:

Sealed products do not have the right to return once the product packaging has been opened.
The right of return and/or cancellation is not granted for the product, if it is a product specially manufactured, ordered or modified at the request of the buyer, when the work has already started or the purchase order for the product to be acquired for the customer has been completed. The customer is obliged to keep the necessary copies of the return documents. The parcel shipment tracking number obtained from Posti's customer return is the only way to prove shipment.
Packing is the responsibility of the sender. The products must be packed carefully so that the products are not damaged during transport. Padding should be placed around the products and product packaging.
The online store is not responsible for damage to returns packed carelessly and contrary to the terms of the contract. The costs caused by an error on the part of the customer will be charged to the customer.
The online store reserves the right to collect the costs from the customer if the customer return is made without reason or in violation of the terms of the contract. Handling and mailing costs are charged to the customer.

6. Warranty and error liability
If the wrong product has been delivered to the customer or the product is incorrect or damaged, the customer must immediately report the error to the email address:


The warranty is determined in accordance with the warranty conditions defined by the manufacturer. The buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with the warranty conditions that may have been delivered with the product before putting the product into use. The warranty conditions can be found in the user manual, a separate warranty form or at the web address provided by the manufacturer.
The online store reserves the right to verify the errors reported in the products. Always allow 3-5 business days for this. Estimated service time in the service process performed in Finland is 7-14 business days.

7. Complaint

Complaints are processed only in writing. A free-form complaint can be submitted either by letter or by email to the address


The representative of the transport company must be able to verify the damage if the shipment has been damaged during transport.
The recipient must refuse to receive the damaged shipment or a photo proof of the damage must be taken immediately.

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